Sensual experience

Everybody needs different stimuli for his intimate life. Nowdays have people problem with communication, so you can have great partner, but you cannot tell him everything you feel – often there is any shame or shyness and it is a pity. You can have more richer life, sexual life, than so far. We can help you, because our Matahari salon offers very special procedures that can wake up your desires and find hidden goddesse inside you. After then you will show to your partner or husband what you need, what you want to try and both of you can indetify a new world of pleasure.

sensual erotic massage

There are different procedures and massages in our offer. But there is special one for women – women body massage Matahari salon. It contais full body massage, where the masseur works with hot essentials oils that can wake up your senses and perception. There is also massage of intimate parts of your body, of course. Especially is also body to body massage, when the naked masseur stimulate you by his body – everything works good thanks to hot oils, slidding is so nice for you tired muscles.

Don´t be shame and order your term, because it is grate relaxation and you can trust us, you will feel like a reborn person! There is very handy masseur, who will take care about your body and your satisfaction. All personal in our salon is absolutely discreet and you can rely on us. There are two adresses in Prague, so you can choose the better salon for you. After then you only find the masseur that you like, check his schedule and book a free term for you.

hot oils

This procedure can help you to know yourselve, find new touches that you like or try techniques that you never tried. It is maybe strange before your first experience, but you should know that it is not bad – there are limits that you give us before whole procedure, so it can´t happen anything bad. Only relax your body and mind, enjoy your speciall sensual erotic experience.

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